Be Happy ϟ

But where to put you?

That is my wife. That is my son. That is my unborn child. I will stay alive to keep them alive.”

Mas Simpsons aqui

Women of Olympus
art by viria

The Seven + colors



Genderbend heroes (art)

We’re in this together,
Yeah, we’ll make it somehow
Nothing’s gonna stop us now


7 songs challenge: put your itunes on shuffle, and match the first 7 songs to the heroes of the prophecy. {x}

Stop and Stare - OneRepublic Percy | Headstrong - Trapt Annabeth | Nothing At All - A Rocket To The Moon Hazel | Listen To Your Heart - The Maine Frank | Won’t Stop - OneRepublic Piper | It’s Time - Imagine Dragons Jason | Underdog - Imagine Dragons Leo